This page introduces Japanese tea for foreigners.

The Tea knowledge【Types of tea】

Originally it means tea to be drunk tea leaves, but recently it generally refers to tea for tea.

2.Fukamushi sencha
Steaming tea leaves in steam in the process of tea, this steaming time is 2 to 3 minutes (ordinary tea is 30 seconds to 1 minute) and it is longer.
3. Yabukita cha
It is a kind of tea tree. Shizuoka tea · Uji tea · Sayama tea, Yame tea, Chiran tea, these mean the tea production area, but Yabu Kita tea is not a production area.
4.Ara cha
Processed and manufactured at the coarse tea factory of the production area. (Picked sprout from the tea plant, steamed, massaged, dried) There are sencha, bancha, stem tea, bud tea and powder tea in this.
In the manufacturing process of Sencha, it is a thing that sieve (leave) a large object of leaf shape. It is tea with little caffeine.
By the end of autumn, it is the thing which finished the reaped tea like to make the shape of the tea tree round. In recent years, it is said that when you drink this tea out with newspaper magazines etc., it is effective to lower blood sugar level.
By the way, when I continued drinking this autumn picking tea for 1 year, I drunk for a year, the blood sugar value which was far exceeding the borderline dropped and it became a normal value, I enjoy my favorite sake every evening.
In autumn picked tea contains many polysaccharide ingredients, and it is said that this ingredient is effective for lowering blood sugar level.
7.Kukicha(Stem tea)
It is a thing which rough tea was hung on a sorting machine and the part of the stem was taken out and finished. It is commonly referred to as bouchadenbou.
Also, advanced stem tea is called Kariigane, and in the west from Kansai, it is called Shiraore.
8.Mecha(Bud tea)
Too young buds in the sprouts of sprouts became dumplings in the manufacturing process.
9.Houjicha(Roasted tea)
It is roasted green tea. Even if you say roasted tea to one person, there are various kinds of roasted tea. The name will also change depending on which parts of the tea are to be burned.
Our shop's roasted tea (product name - Mine no Kaori) is the one finished by roasting the raw material that we built with our own blend.
10.Hachijyuu-hachiya tumi(Picking 88th night)
From the beginning of spring, I will tell you about tea picked on the 88th day.
Incidentally, May 2 will be 88th night.
The tea picked on this day from old days is said to be delicious tea, but recently, the climate has become warmer, unlike in the past, so delicious tea has been completed in April.
It is a tea that is used as a raw material for black tea, oolong tea etc. with one varieties of green tea.
Methylated catechin contained in Benifuuki has alleles such as hay fever and rhinitis. It is said that there is an effect to alleviate Gee symptoms.
By the way, at our shop, couple drinks together. Runny nose and eye itching are considerably relieved.

The Tea knowledge 【7 power of tea】

1.Anticancer effect
It has been shown that catechin has an effect of inhibiting cancer cell proliferation and metastasis.

  • The risk reduction of gastric cancer clearly by green tea intake!
  • Green tea catechin proved to be prostate cancer prevention!

2. Anti-fertility effect
Green tea catechin has the effect of reducing fat made from glucose.
3. Caffeine power
Adults' adequate daily caffeine intake is 200 mg - 300 mg (about 10 cups), 1 green tea is about 30 mg.

  • Male cerebrovascular disease, female coronary artery disease reduction risk reduction clearly!
  • There is a wakefulness effect, and the harmful substance acetaldehyde is discharged outside the body!

4. Anti-allergy effect
It is effective to crush the tea leaves of sencha finely with a mill, drink it in powder form.

  • With Benifuuki green tea, allergic symptoms such as mite · cedar pollen allergy is alleviated!

5. Theanine Power
It is irritating and great! Natural rest assured supplement. It is this ingredient that relieves with tea!

  • Theanine intake, stress relief and blood pressure lowering effect!
  • The effect of suppressing aging, the effect of suppressing the excitement of the nerve clearly!

6. GABA Power
Stress relief, neutral fat · blood pressure lowering, enhancing liver, kidney function, nerve calming!

  • By ingesting GABA (Gavaron tea), the effect of reducing fatigue is revealed!

7. Vitamin mineral power
By antioxidant action, also to prevent spots and wrinkles! Abundant ingredients indispensable for beauty and health.

  • Vitamin C helps the formation of collagen, exerts antioxidant and anti-stress effects!
  • There are abundant minerals such as potassium, calcium, phosphorus and iron.


Tea contains various ingredients and it is said that there are many ingredients that have not been elucidated yet.